Crochet Sweater Studio

Drum-roll please!

My second half of my secret project is ready to download!  Which means I can finally, finally spill all the beans.

Take a quick look first....
Needless to say, I have been VERY excited to share this brand new workshop with you!  When I started designing I would eat up every book I could find on garment design, but it was never geared for crocheters.  When Interweave started their workshops the first one we discussed was a sweater workshop, I was so excited I started spouting knowledge at the meeting.

What will you find inside, Crochet Sweater Studio:

Harvest Car Coat
General Info:
- DVD or Download of the workshop
- Class Handout  to follow and also go further in the class
- 2 sweater patterns, Petal Pullover and Harvest Car Coat (Blue sweater on Mannequin and Green Sweater on me- more on that soon)

Who is this class good for?
- Advanced beginner ready to jump into sweaters, and want to know everything first.
- Intermediate crocheter that wants to know how to fix common mishaps in their sweaters.
- Advanced crocheter that wants specifics on how to design with granny squares, symbols, or top down construction.

What's inside:
Petal Pullover
- Basic Tools you need to get started: The right yarn, gauge, and shape to make your perfect sweater.
- Unlocking the Code: Using our symbols to help break down complex stitch patterns and make them more digestible as well as using them to change or modify shaping.
- Math Class: Using your calculator to get the perfect fit.
- Armholes are not equal: Learning which armhole construction (drop, raglan, side saddle, one piece  works best for your shape.
- Granny Square Sweaters: Making beautiful lace projects that do not stand up on their own.  Using simple tricks to modify the squares to fit your shape the best, even if you are an in-between size.
- Top Down Construction: Learning the 4 ways I break down seamless crocheting that end up being less brainy and more intuitive.
- Stress Free Fixes: Substituting stitches, blocking, seaming methods, handling stretch, tightening necklines, and cutting crochet (like in moving a button hole without ripping out the whole sweater)

- Inside you will see over 40 garments I have designed for my books or Interweave.  You will get an up close look at the latest garments for Blueprint Crochet Sweaters.
- This workshop goes hand in hand with Blueprint Crochet Sweaters.  The DVD has all the nuts and bolts, and the book has all the examples.  Looking through both will equip you will all the knowledge I know on crochet sweaters.

My workshop is geared in my vision of crochet design, which is different then most.  I will say my method is not the only way to crochet sweaters, but it is what I use when I design.  I plan, visualize  and completely engineer my sweaters before I pick up my hook.  I have broken down my process the best way I know how in tiny bits that any crocheter will leave the class learning a new tidbit.

I truly hope you enjoy!


Z said...

I like that petal pullover. Looks really good!

Chelsea Wales said...

This is such a valuable resource! My husband hasn't gotten me anything for Christmas yet...this just went on my list for him :)

Valencia said...

I just got the Crochet Sweater Studio DVD in the mail today and watched it all. I can't tell you what a wonderful resource this is! I am embarking on making my first crochet garments. After watching Robyn's tips, I'm confident I can select and make the perfect sweater/cardigan for my shape. Thanks Robyn!