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Elianna's room
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Those of you who follow my twitter know that a few weeks ago our ceiling fell down in the middle of the night. To make a long story short, we were fine, scared but fine. Essentially, the plaster was just too much for the drywall lathe that was popular construction method when our house was built. (not a smart way to do a ceiling if you were wondering, sure it lasted 80 yrs, but then suddenly fell- fun!) Needless to say, once the dust settled and we inspected the rest of the house, we undertook the "fun" project of ripping out all the second floor ceilings and putting in drywall. Probably one of the most boring and annoying projects. You do a TON of work, then the room looks exactly the same, maybe a bit shinier.

We worked on CJ's room first to get her back in order, and I took the opportunity to clear out the baby stuff and only put back the little girl stuff. But there was a few things I couldn't just oack away. I know I have said this before, but when CJ was born friends crocheted and knitted up a storm for us. I was so touched and still am over that feat they undertook. I just couldn't box all them up, so I used some of them as wall hangings. My favorite is the baby blanket my cousin crocheted from a doily pattern. It is so beautiful and hangs proudly over her bed.
I love that she can still touch it and be surrounded by the love that went into crocheting it.

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