Interweave Crochet Accessories

Out now is Interweave Crochet Accessories.  It is a special issue filled with just accessories.  Anything from hats to shawls to toys to jewelry.   Funny enough, that is nearly everything I have in this issue.  I have a necklace and earnings  flower bag, plaid scarf, and dreidel toy.

The Zylphia Necklace was inspired from a necklace I saw in a catalog that reminded me of crochet.  I love mixing crochet motifs and beads on jump rings.  So easy to switch out the motifs or beads when you get bored with the look.

Zylphia Necklace and Earrings, Interweave.com
The Dreidel Plushie was definitely funny to crochet in April.  I live in an area where everyone would know what a dreidel is and why April is a weird time to crochet one. It is actually a super easy one to make.  All in the round with the sides sewn on after.  The Hebrew letters I embroidered on by using a piece of trace paper that I drew them on in block style. Definitely something you can crochet during Thanksgiving and have for Hanukkah (which is super early this year!)

Evening Blooms Purse this one was originally designed as a clutch which cracks me up.  I got the yarn and the blooms where so huge, I new it had to be a redesign.  Luckily, Marcy didn't have a bag like it in the issue yet and we enlarged it.  Crocheting the flowers really doesn't take long on this bag, even lining it doesn't take forever either. At least it did not for me, and I hate sewing!

Bearsden Plaid Scarf is a striped scarf with embroidery for the vertical lines.  It is a perfect scarf for dad since its easy to make and has no frills.

I can't wait to see the rest of the projects in the issue!  I love getting ideas from these special issues.
Evening Blooms Purse, Interweave.com
Bearsden Plaid Scarf, Interweave.com
Dreidel Plushie, Interweave.com

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Voie de Vie said...

Congrats on the latest round of patterns to hit the newsstand. Isn't it great when an editor understands the need for a slight reworking? :)

And I'm *thrilled* that there will be two more seasons of the show! I, too, was stunned when I heard that Annie's had picked it up - but thrilled nevertheless. I get the Create channel, so I've watched all the previous episodes. Looking forward to more Brett (who has such a dry sense of humor on air) as well as the latest crochet pro addition. Cheers to you and all of the great news!