Shhh... It's still a sort of secret, but listed on Amazon!

My current book project is now listed on Amazon. Ahh!

Blueprint Crochet Sweaters: Techniques for Custom Construction

Granted, it doesn't come out till next spring.  But I was too excited not to show you the listing.  Since there is no cover yet, I thought you would like some sneak peeks.  You can read the description on Amazon, I will say that I am not sure I lived up too all that hype.  But I tried!

The book is finished editing and is in the capable hands at Interweave getting all pretty.  As you know I do all my own graphics, but they make it a real book and make it look pretty.  I have seen some of the photography and it is crisp and modern.  The models are all great, they look like they could be your neighbors.  I love that.  Especially when I write women's garments, I like the models to look like someone I would know.  Makes me want to try a pattern out more.  I haven't seen the cover or what the insides will look like yet.  I get the galley to review in a few weeks, so just have to sit tight til then.

To be totally honest, I don't know what we were able to include yet  either.  So many times when you write a book, it has to be condensed to fit in the page count. I think we did fine this time, but who knows.  What I can tell you is that there are a bunch of garments made from either classic, granny motif, top down, or unusual construction.  I have lessons throughout on how to deal with getting the right fit for you, so that can be anything from cap shaping on sleeves to making an in-between size.  I also have lessons on how to deal with oops like when your project wants to grow (stretches out of control) or cleaning up wonky edges.

I really tried to take the stress out of garments.  You guys know me, and I think everyone can make great crochet projects.  You just need to have the confidence that you can handle any bump along the way.  And hopefully, this book helps you deal with a lot of those bumps.  

Can't wait to share more!


CrochetBlogger said...

How funny - I just saw this yesterday as I was putting together a post on must-have 2013 crochet books that will come out later this week!

i'm still here said...

So excited!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you! Let me know what I can do to help promote when it's time. xx, Vickie

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm so excited too! And it looks like the cover is up on Amazon now! I just added it to my cart to pre-order...love your work, and this is just in time because I want to custom design a couple of sweaters but I don't think I have time to watch the video you made for designing them for kids! Um, will this book work for designing kids' sweaters as well? I'm really eyeing that pink (peach?) sample you have up there...Can't wait til March! Until then, I'll be crocheting unexpected afghans...