TNNA Book Signings

Its that time of year again!  TNNA (aka, my vacation from reality) 
This time I have 2 book signings.  Please, tell all your local yarn stores to come get their ticket for their free book!  

Saturday at Interweave Booth, 1pm  Unexpected Afghans

Sunday at RM Booth, 610, 3pm Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia

I hope to see some of you there!


Way Out Wear said...

Congratulations! x 2

Anonymous said...

I own the Crochet Stitches and love it. I can't wait to check out the afghan book.

Geschichten von Kindern für Kinder said...

I love stitches books! It is a pity that in Germany there are not as many variouties as in the U.S. I got most of my tution in Internet and in English. That makes it more difficult to read the German version in books, which are usually expensive but not with much contents.