Thank you New York!

My sister and I had a great time in New York on Monday.  Thank you so much for coming out to Lion Brand Yarn Studio and being so excited about crochet.  The turnout was great and I can't be more happy and energized after talking to you all.  (I actually told my sister that there would be about 5 people, we were shocked when over 40 people showed up and had to stand.  Seriously we were floored!)

I was so touched by all your excitement about the books, DVDs, and PBS show.  Since I design in a bubble, and have only CJ and Faye as full time "assistants", it was so nice to hear how much you like my work.  I really touched me.  Seriously!  We were so blown away by your generosity.  One crocheter finished a crocheted skirt to show off (it was fabulous, by the way).  Another family asked how Faye was feeling, I almost teared up, she is good but it was so sweet to ask about my furry buddy.  Many of you commented how much you love my diagrams (thank you!), and even more are inspired enough to use them to design your own projects.  I love that, there is nothing more complimentary when you use that encyclopedia for your own projects.  Seriously, it gives me a huge smile! And I really want to thank every one that said they enjoy me on Knit and Crochet Now.  I adore doing the show for totally selfish reasons (I truly love all the people involved with the show and getting a week with them is pure joy).  Everyone who said they learned how to crochet, how to read diagrams, how to design for me on the show or my DVD or my book- thank you!  Hearing that does more for me then you know!

Seriously, my work schedule is not exactly healthy; and having so much of your love all at once was awesome!  I need to get to NY more often, you guys rock!

By the way, if you are in NY you have to stop at Lion Brand Yarn Studio.  They are a great yarn store.  Yes, they only have Lion Brand yarn, but you will find all the brand new yarn and colors.  I would say over half I have not seen before.  I love that there is something for every price range (from acrylic to cashmere). They are so helpful too.  You can take a sample of any, and I mean any yarn, to swatch and double check it will work for you.  Who does that?  They have a billion classes on anything to do with yarn (knitting, crochet,  weaving, etc). Plus they have great stuff... meaning bags, tools, accessories, and more. Patty told me she hunts for artists and craftsmen to support in the store and it shows!  I picked up a yarn bag I have never seen before, and put my yarn in it on the bus back to Allentown.

projects from Unexpected Afghans
I can't wait to come back!

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Patty: Lion Brand Yarn Studio said...

We LOVED having you. Can't wait for you to come back again with your next book (and to teach too).

Thanks for everything

Studio Director
Lion Brand Yarn Studio