Welcome, Rebecca!

Linked Jacket, Simply Crochet, Interweave 2011
I hope you all will join me in welcoming Rebecca to my Crochet By Faye team.  Rebecca has been my contract crocheter forever, literally.  (The pictures are just a few of the many things she has crocheted for me.)  Rebecca is my cousin, you see; and we have been obsessed with crochet together.  Besides just a shared obsession, Rebecca, is the person I lean on to help me crochet; meaning she is the first editor of all the patterns I give her to make.  Many times she has to decode the ramblings and craziness that comes out of this brain.  She is my crochet savoir.

After our weekend together at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, I had a brainstorm. See after talking to so many of you wonderful crocheters, I felt really guilty that I am going to go radio silent on my email and Ravelry for the next 2 months.  My workload is so nuts, in a good way, that I really can't keep up.  That should be no surprise to you waiting to hear back from me!  I just get so behind on my email and Ravelry messages, that I can't find the time to answer you when CJ gives me so few spare minutes to think.  Step in Rebecca!

Rosa Car Coat, Baby Blueprint Crochet, Interweave 2010
Once again she is willing to come to my rescue!  She has agreed to field all your crochet questions.  If you stopped by the booth, you know that she is super knowledgeable!  Honestly, it is like we share the same brain; and we sort of do.  You will get the exact same laid back approach I have to crochet, with her.  You will get expert knowledge; she has taken all my classes, reviewed all my DVDs, read all my books.  In some cases, I feel like she knows my work better then I do!  She is also an active member of the Three Rivers Crochet Guild (which is an awesome group if you are looking for a group to crochet with on Saturdays; I should know, I go whenever I can!)

Starting today, I will be forwarding all your crochet questions to her; so I know that you will have help.  And honestly, in my sleep deprived state; it is much better help then I can give you!  You can contact her directly at rebecca at crochetbyfaye .com.  You can contact her on Ravelry at RebeccaCrochets.   She has gotten all your questions that I have not gotten to in the last few months, so please give her time to get caught up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you; Rebecca!  And welcome!
Sunflower Jumper, Crochet By Faye Pattern Line
Szechuan Sweater, Interweave Crochet Fall 2009


Kim Werker said...

What a great plan, Robyn! Welcome, Rebecca!

Way Out Wear said...

Well that's a brilliant solution. Good for you. And "Hello" Rebecca!

Unknown said...

Welcome, Rebecca! You were a pleasure to meet and talk to. Great solution. Looking forward to see what comes from R-Squared. :)

Norah said...

Welocme, Rebecca! Great idea, Robyn!