Thank You!

 Thank you for everyone who came out this weekend to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show.  I know it was tough with all the snow, so I really appreciate everyone that stopped by!  My cousin, Rebecca, and I really had a great time chatting with you all about crochet.  I just love how everyone is so excited about crochet.  All my classes were packed with wonderful crocheters that were so fun to teach and hang out with, that it makes coming back year after year so much fun.  You all really keep me on my toes, I am not sure what to teach next year!

I really hope you all enjoy the books and patterns you purchased from me.  I am so sorry we sold out of Simply Crochet so fast on Saturday, next time I promise to plan better!  We had printed patterns from crochet by faye, all my books, DVDs, and necklaces!  I love making jewelry, and thank you so much for all your kind words on them!  I do have a few left over, so when I get a free chance I will put them up on etsy to sell.

We had a few brand new patterns for sale at the show.  Dino and the dinolets and Reims Quilt (see the pictures).  I am hoping to have those up for sale here in a week or so.  The best seller at the show was the Sunflower Jumper.  I was so pleased!  I love that sweater, and was so happy to see so many others love it too.  Funny actually, none of the best sellers at Ravelry sold even 1 pattern.  How about that, right?

The best part was seeing old friends and making new ones!  I made a number of people stop and talk to me because I recognized their crochet projects. Speaking of, I spotted 2 Beatrice Scarfs.  That made me SMILE.

I really can not express how much fun the entire weekend was, snow and all.  I know there is so much more to share, but I am still too spacy from it all!  I will be going pretty quiet again for a bit.  I am reading a really good book that I need to concentrate on (wink wink).  Then I need to finish crocheting 7 projects by the 28th.  I will be back, though, with lots and lots of fun new things!

Here are some posts from some of the crocheters I talked to at the festival  (if you have one let me know and I will include your blog post too!):

Amaryllis Musings
Not Your Gram's Afghan


i'm still here said...

I had the best time in your tunisian class! You rock! And I feel so special that our picture has made it to your blog. Thanks for a great time ~Meghan

crazymotheringchick said...

Robin, I love that star blanket in your pictures here. where is that pattern?

Sam said...

I had a great time at the festival and loved your booth!

Thanks for the link!

Sam (NotYourGramsAfghan)

Unknown said...

Loved everything from your booth! It was great meeting you!

Thanks for the link!

Heather (Amaryllis Musings)

Unknown said...


It was such a pleasure to meet you and attend your class. You really brought back my crochet love something fierce!! :) Thanks for being such an inspiration!! :)

Finding it hysterical that engineers are so drawn to crochet... but really, it's not all that surprising. :)