New Year, lots of crocheting

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Motifs from project
How was everyone's holidays?  I spent mine working, granted not as much as I wanted, but working still.  I got  a couple of projects squared away, and a number underway.  Both that can be tough.  Now I am just looking forward to getting back on schedule.  The top two photos are both motif garments that I designed on break.  The pumpkin one I crochet 75% then handed it off to my cousin.  She is SO much faster then me, and I'm not slow.  I bet she can whip through 2 balls of yarn at a sitting.  The bottom one is a top down project that I am loving the design, not the yarn.  The yarn is fine to crochet with, I am just not happy with the variegation.  I would have loved it if the white was not there.  Oh well, I'll add it to "when I run a yarn company" list.  The last is some necklaces I made my friends for Christmas.  My best friends and I long gave up on gifts for each other.  But every now and then I like to make them something.  Being a mom, you so rarely get anything pretty, and I wanted something like that for them.  I liked making them so much, that I think I will be selling the necklaces and pattern at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival.

Holiday Necklaces for Friends
Oh wait, I totally forgot to tell you guys about that, right?  Man. I am out of it.  Yes, I'm going to be teaching a few classes again this year.  New, is that I will have a booth.  I will be selling my books, patterns, and DVDs from there.  I am thinking that I will make a bunch of these necklaces too.  That way, when a non-crocheter goes by there is something they can purchase too.  I will have to tell you guys more soon.  It is coming up in little over a month.

Also in just a few weeks is TNNA in Phoenix.  I will be going to sign copies of Simply Crochet.  If your yarn store wants a copy, tell them I will be signing. But really, I am going to play with my best friend's baby for a few days and get out of this crazy cold.  I figure un-thawing my brain for the weekend will help more then it will hurt, even though my deadline is so close.  

Top Down Crocheting Project
What deadline?  Oh yeah, I'm writing yet another book and I have a nasty deadline that I am 5 sweaters behind on at the end of January.  I know, I could pass out myself.  I keep saying, at least it is not 10.  The worst part is this book is the book I have been waiting to write for years.  I have been given full creative and technical vision.  Yet, I am so tired that I am getting frustrated that I am not doing it justice.  I would love if I could have 3 more months, but that's crazy talk.

Ok, so I really should be either crocheting or designing.  More soon on the Pittsburgh Festival.


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very pretty necklaces..

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Very nice and dainty­čĺ×