Come Join Me: Knit and Crochet Festival Pittsburgh, PA

Come Crochet With ME!

I'm heading back to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival Feb 10-12th, 2012 with lots of new things.

Backstory:  Ok, so I started teaching at this festival years ago from my cousin telling the event organizer that her  cousin was a designer.  Since that introduction, I have taught every year (except when CJ was so little and I was nursing).  Why do I keep coming back year after year?  The people!  Seriously, you will be blown away by the skill and love of all things fibery in Pittsburgh.  Everyone is super excited to touch new yarns, meet other yarny friends, and general glee of yarn fun; it is totally infectious.  

This year:  I will be teaching and, new this year, I will have a booth! (Booth #57) I will be selling all my books, DVDs, patterns, and (totally new) crochet jewelry. Crochet will totally be represented you believe me!  Of course, anything I don't sell there I will keep in case any of you wanted a chance to purchase it too. 


Friday Feb 10th, 2012 2-5pm:
Guide to Tunisian Crochet: Woven Fabric with one hook
Often confused with both knitting and crochet, Tunisian crochet is an art form all unto itself making the most unique woven fabric. In class we will learn how to make the basic stitches, then dive into crocheting with color. We will discuss Tunisian Crochet stitch diagrams and tips to making the most beautiful fabric.  I will have samples of all my Tunisian Stitch Patterns from Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia ; and Tunisian Projects from Simply Crochet .  We will go from basic to color fast, to have fun and keep us laughing. 

Sunday Feb 12th, 2012  9-10am: 
Crocheting with Color
Come get a taste of how to get powerful results in all your crochet colorwork projects. We will discuss the simplicity of mosaic crocheting, the joy of slip stitch embroidery, and easy ways to stay on track in charted color.  This mini class will get you excited about color and give you inspiration to go have a color explosion.  

   Sunday Feb 12th, 2012  3-4pm:
Go International!
Come see how easy it is to crochet around the world with symbol diagrams. We will discuss crochet symbol charts and how to use them, plus we will look at crochet patterns from Japan, Russia, and Belgium; and dissect them to see how easy it is to use them with symbol diagrams.

Hope to see you there!  I will be crocheting and I hope you stop by Booth 57 to say hi!


Regina S. said...

I will be there and have signed up for your classes. I'm thrilled that there are more crochet classes this year. Can't wait till next weekend. See you at your booth.

Regina S.

mustrica said...

Very lovely!