Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Tallula Baby Top

We finally head into the last chapter of the book, 5 balls or less of yarn. You will be surprised that you can make clothes to blankets with only 5 balls. And not giant ball either. It is all in the stitch choice, and you will see that over the next few days.

It is best seen between today and tomorrow's post. Both are baby sweaters. Today's sweater is a motif skirted tunic from Marly Bird. It is lacy on the bottom and solid on the top. It uses less then 500 yds for the smallest size (2T). The largest uses less then 1000yds for the largest size (8yrs). Keep those numbers in mind for tomorrow.

I love the snowflake like motifs that Marly picked out for this top. It is something that I would love to make for CJ. Marly has a great eye for all things yarn. She is the creative director over at Bijou Basin Ranch, and you can see by their patterns how fabulous she is at getting great things from people.

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Z said...

very cute!