Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Amelia Cardigan

First of all, is this baby sweater not the most adorable thing ever? A wearable cabled baby sweater came from the amazingly talented Julia Vaconsin. She is one of those designers that I am always tickled to see what she has in store for us next, knowing that it is always amazing.

Take a walk through her Interweave patterns alone, and you will be blown away. Am I right? She is a super busy mom, like a lot of us. I know that creating and designing is a challenge for me, I can only imagine with 3 I would be insane. The fact that she can keep crafting and making these beauties is truly inspiring to me with only 1 to juggle.

Back to that little bit about yarn amounts from yesterday. If you remember yesterday's lacy baby tunic was less then 500yds for the 2T size. This cardigan is around 700 yds for the same size. Sure, this one has sleeves, but is also shorter. The main yarn suck here is the post stitches. Now they will not always add 40% more yarn to your project, but do not be surprised if they add 20%. It is a quick number to have on hand when you are buying yarn for a cabled crochet sweater. 20% is a good base line for how much more yarn you will need compared to a non-post stitch sweater. So if you know you only have 3 balls and really want to do crochet cables, look at scarf patterns instead of baby sweaters and you will have much more luck finding a pattern.

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