Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Twist Wrap/ Cowl

Today we are chatting with Linda Permann. As you know I totally love Linda. She has a great sense for color (which I am challenged) and is great at explaining how things work. She is also super crafty. Her first project in the book is this lovely ONE BALL (yes, only 1) Solomon's knot wrap. The very cool thing about the pattern is that it can be used in so many ways. In warm weather, you
can wear it as a wrap; in cold as a cowl. It really makes me wish I did not have to give it back to her.
It would look perfect with my navy winter jacket... just saying.

While checking out her inspiration and thoughts on this wrap, be sure to check out Linda's other patterns. There are a number that are perfect for any weather. Like her Cotton Candy Cowl would be perfect for cold climates like mine (I'm in PA), or her Summer Picnic Wrap would be perfect for warm climates like hers (she's in TX). Plus, just look at all her cap patterns. I think she needs to make those into a book, don't you?

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