Day 9 Stop: Styled by Kristin

We are headed to Florida today to stop in with Kristin Omdahl over at Styled by Kristin. Kristin is an amazingly talented crochet and knit designer. Her designs are truly one of a kind and blow me away every time. Her mind thinks in geometry and makes the most incredible motifs that always are inspiring to me.

Her newest book is Seamless Crochet. It explains how to crochet a group of motifs without fastening off. It is really cool if you have not seen it before, you will say ooh and ahh at the same time. In really really simple terms, you crochet part of all the motifs in a strip then come back and crochet the rest in the return pass. It is a lot of fun to play with and you can see how lovely the projects come out to be.

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