Book Winner and Update

First, I'd like to congratulate Melody. She won a copy of Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia from Vickie Howell's review of the book. I hope you enjoy it!

This last few weeks have been rough for us. So writing three books at once is tough, but I totally forgot (DUH) that while I am only writing one right now; I would be editing another and publicizing another two. Talk about feeling behind. At least we have been getting some good inspiration lately. I took CJ to my parents over the weekend to get her a good dose of the country, since she is such a city kid. She loved visiting all the "dogs"; all animals other then cats, cows, and sheep are dogs in her world. The colors were beautiful which you can sort of see below.

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I have been working an a bunch of new projects too. One fun swatch which I am not going with, but I still love is below. More soon once I can have a minute to breath without a toddler on top of me.


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Melody said...

Thank you! I sent you my information. I love the picture of the country. I'm still a city kid at heart. When I was a kid I loved my visits to the country too.