Day 12 Stop: Lindamade

Today we travel to Texas to stop in with Linda Permann. Linda is my crochet soul-mate. Her designs are everything that I want mine to be; fun, hip, creative, and colorful. I was an admirer of her work long before we ever met; and once we did I knew we would hit it off forever.

Linda is a crochet author, designer, and teacher. You probably have seen her books Crochet Adorned or Little Crochet. She designs for everyone, so may have caught her work in a magazine. Or of course, from her pattern line. Isn't her latest design, Starry Night, great? Besides that Linda is a great teacher. You can catch her at her local yarn store; or even better online. Her classes are very organized and packed with great tips.

Linda and I are so similar we keep laughing about it. She and I both wrote modern baby crochet books at the same time, having no idea that's what the other one was doing. Both made online DVDs or classes about very similar crochet topics, again at the same time having no idea that we did it again. It just kept happening. So when I was writing Simply Crochet and Unexpected Afghans, Linda was one of the first people I contacted to collaborate with me. I love her work and I hope you do too. So be sure to stop by her blog and enter a chance to win a copy of the book.

(By the way, in case you didn't know Crochet Adorned is also a mini stitch dictionary too. Just saying...)

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