Day 11 Stop: The Crochet Doctor

We head over to stop in with Marty Miller, the Crochet Doctor. Marty is one of the most educated crochet designers I know. She has an interest in almost everything which makes it a joy to talk with her. In the crochet world, Marty designs, edits, teaches, and volunteers.

Marty's last booklet was a cute bunch of totes. They are perfect for running to the grocery store or library (where i use all my totes).

Marty's review of the book is wonderful. She put the book to the test by hopping in and testing out some of the patterns. I couldn't be more delighted that she found some inspiration inside. Marty is so knowledgeable with crochet that it is pure delight that she likes the book.

Hope you enjoy!

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VickiT said...

I just came here from Marty's blog and WOW, you aren't kidding; she jumped right in. Seeing things she's created from your book look wonderful.