Sneak Previews: Yarn Company Edition

This week I had 2 finished projects, both which were surprisingly for yarn companies.

Patte Cardigan

The first I could tweet about and you may have seen. It is the Patte Cardigan, but re done for sock yarn. I love the delicate look of the collar against the solid jacket. The pattern and my review Soulmate by Lorna's Laces will be up soon.


The second, I shipped off today. It is a quick crochet project using a worsted weight yarn. I will tell you more details on that later (and where you can find the pattern).

I was just struck that both of these use granny motifs at the collar or hem or sleeve cuff and have a simple stitch pattern every where else. Obviously this is my new thing, since on the hook for next month is the same thing (motif on a skirt part of a sweater). And I did another for Knit and Crochet Now last week. Guess it is my thing. Needing to mix motifs into as many projects as possible.


CrochetBlogger said...

Sounds like you've found a pattern style that's really working for you right now. That's terrific when that happens. Playing around with that is a great way to be creative! Lovely work.

Cecelia said...

When can we see this pattern, I love the look of this!