Digging out and Winner Announced

First up, thank you everyone here and over at Ravelry who entered the drawing for the first part of my TNNA giveaway. We had over 80 people enter which is so exciting! Especially since the goodies just will keep getting better.

With help from my assistant (shouting stop) over breakfast this morning, we randomly stopped at Ginny's name! Congrats to Ginny! SO excited that you won too. Ginny is an amazing crocheter and I can't wait to see what she cooks up with these tools!

Hope you all come back and see what next I am giving away. There are still 3 more groups left to win.

Post TNNA and KCN distruction

Today I am spending the day digging out from piles of yarn and project; and emails and tweets. Being away for 10 days certainly takes a toll on your studio. Mine is wrecked. Luckily I got through a lot of the house chores; like getting groceries and cleaning. And am down to this mess. I might leave it for a while. I have these grand hopes on re-organizing the studio now that all our stuff is in one place. That's right, we have all our stuff here. No more "summer house" in Cincinnati. While I was traveling the closing for the old house, finally (and painfully) went through. Even though it will take us a few years to pay back the loan we had to take out to close; at least we will not have to have 2 houses to care and worry over. We are now officially Pittsburghers. I know I am looking forward to concentrating on making this house ours after nearly 11 mths of just getting by.

On the task list the next few weeks, is final edits for the encyclopedia, a few last charts and articles for book 3, proposal for book 4 (hey, have to pay off that loan somehow), and 3 magazine projects. Seems light compared to the crazy schedule I have been keeping. Well, enough dwelling, better start tackling that pile.


Ginny said...

Wow! Thanks!

CrochetBlogger said...

Sounds like you're coming to the end of some changes and settling in a little bit for awhile. Hope you feel inspired!