New Product Weekly

I have a bunch of really really cool yarn and books surrounding me in the studio, so many that I hope to weekly show them to you. To inspire me and hopefully some of you to give them a go.

Up first is an amazing yarn that I have already dove into and made a project for the new book (uh, the last secret book that is- I don't know, number 6, I think.)


68% baby alpaca / 10% extra fine merino / 22% silk
109 yds in 50g hanks
I'd recommend using a K/10.5 hook

From the website:
A modern take on 1970’s neon and natural, the line includes seven groovy pop colors perfectly balanced with six granola-lover neutrals. Modern technology makes Techno a feather-weight genius: baby alpaca is blown into a mesh tube of silk for really fast knitting with literally no

My take
Everything above is 100% true. It is a really fun yarn to crochet with, it doesn't split like they say. You can see in the picture of the yarn cakes that there really is no ply, so there is nothing to split. Clever, no? The yarn also gives this cool halo around pretty defined stitches. It and project are ridiculously soft. I mean, silly soft. So soft that CJ has taken my project and run off with it so many times I can't even count to cuddle with while she is reading.

Project ideas
Since it is pretty bulky for crochet, I'd use it for accessories. Especially since it is so soft, I would wrap your face in it. Scarves, cowls, hats, ascots, shrugs; are totally up its alley. Plus, the color range is so much fun you could make the best pillows and toys from it too. A little bit retro and totally funky. I really had a blast envisioning what to make with the neutral and neon bright colors. My project for the book uses Rogue, Cha-Cha Red, and Tonic Orange; just those names alone bring a smile. That being the case, this yarn is definitely something you want to do with a stitch pattern that has color work in it. It will make it jump off for sure.

Overall, I think it will make a fabulous yarn this winter. Not only is it soft and warm, it is bright and cheerful for those gray cold days. Definitely something to keep in mind, when shopping in the future.


CrochetBlogger said...

This yarn looks so yummy!

Unknown said...

Love the yarn and the pattern, could you provide details of how to do that lovely square. Thanks/