encyclopedia preview

encyclopedia preview
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Just another peek into the new book. These are from the color chapter. That chapter I am quite proud of. It includes a bit of everything. Slip Stitch embroidery, charted designs, and mosaic designs. Besides just being super colorful and cheerful too.

This last one is from the cable chapter, another chapter that I love. It should look familiar, it is the stitch pattern from the Rainy Day's Vest in Crochet Today a few issues ago. The Cable/ Texture Chapter I packed with cables from around the world, pulling inspiration from even knitted cables. There is also a lot of classic stitch patterns in there, because I feel like you can't call it an encyclopedia unless you touch on the basics and classics too.

I'll try to pull some others from the lace and granny motif chapters too to give you another peek inside. That is if my brain remembers!


Anonymous said...

That looks intriguing, and the bobbly flower from the previous post looked gorgeous! I wish I could get my hands on this book of yours.

Betty said...

I'm really looking forward to the release. I can't wait.

christinethecurious said...

I've already pre-ordered my copy!