Pop Jumper then and now

When I designed the Pop Jumper, I definitely knew I would have CJ wear it for a while. I never thought we would get this much use out of it though.

Here is the babe in it when I first made it. She is 5 mths in the picture. She fit perfectly into 6mth clothes and thus I made her the 6mth size of the jumper.

Here is the babe last week. She is now 14mth and wears 12-18mth clothes, but that jumper is still 6mth in size.

Pretty perfect right? From dress to tunic. Could not ask for a better fit for her! We may even get the entire winter season if I switch out the 18 mth collar onto this size. Crazy! You never can get that much wear with baby clothes.

I will also say that the Zara I used is great. I did nothing special when washing to the dress. Literally just tossed it in the washing machine and dryer. It still looks great and is super comfy for cold days like we have here in PA.


Andi said...

I have a friend who got a similar one for her then 2 year old and I saw her at school the other day and commented - her daughter is now 8 years old and still wearing it as a shirt! From dress to tunic to top - 6 years is pretty good! I'm thinking I'll make this for my 5 & 7 year olds if I can get my act together. It's so cute!

Courtney said...

Love this post. So true! I love the pieces that last, but it is heartbreaking when they finally have to go!

knitalatte said...

Oh how adorable CJ looks at both ages in this jumper.
I've worked with Zara and agree, it is a wonderful yarn.