BBC Tour Stop: Yarncraft

We are rolling over to Lion Brand today and chatting with Zontee at Yarncraft.

We talked about Baby Blueprint as well as my 5 top gifts for babies. Listen close and you can hear CJ in the background. No matter how well I timed nap time, I could have bet she would have been up for our interview. So if I sound distracted, I was. I was feeding CJ her lunch while Faye stood at attention for leftovers. If you only could be a fly on the wall, it was a comedy routine with food flying everywhere. Me trying not to trip over Faye while she dived for food. All while trying to sound normal. Zontee did a great job making me sound human instead of the crazy that I was. (Can we all say thank goodness it was not Skyped!)

Needless to say those washcloths I mentioned. Yeah, I was using one at the time. While stripping CJ out of her little cardi and into a new clean one.

Hope you enjoy! And stay tuned to their newsletter to get a pattern for free that was cut from the book. It was my favorite in the book, and I can't wait to show it to you!

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Valencia said...

That is too funny! I enjoyed your interview and tips. While there are not a lot of babies in my family right now, I can always use tips because I make gifts for others. They are good things to keep in mind.
I'm looking forward to getting this book to learn construction techniques. That sounded good, right? Okay I'm really into it for the toy elephants!! :-) Best Success to you!