Direct from Cutting Room Floor to You!

Want to check out the writing of Baby Blueprint Crochet before you buy it? Well, thanks to Lion Brand now you can!

As it happens with all of my books, I try to pack in as many patterns as I can and some just can't fit in. This is one of those patterns. I was pretty upset that this one did not make it into the book, since it is my hands down favorite of the collection. It was named after our nephew Severin who is just this brilliant lovable kid. This would be a perfect sweater for him or his little sister.

Instead of having to wait and let it get published months and months from now in one of the crochet magazines, we teamed up with Lion Brand to release it now! Merry Christmas! I am so excited about this. Now we can have tons of little Severins everywhere!

I had CJ model my version. It was made for a 24mth model, babe is only 15mth and little at that. Still you can get the idea of how it will fit, you can see her in my flickr set.

Hope you enjoy! Here's the link.


walking the yarn said...

Wow! This is really nice. And thanks for all your postings. Happy Christmas!

knitalatte said...

Hi, I just received my copy of BBC (my present to self) and I just love all the adorable patterns. I'm going to have to make up the popsicle boots fist, so cute!
Thanks for the additional pattern, very generous.

Susan said...

Thank you Robyn for such a great.Christmas gift. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mary Sarah said...

What a cute sweater! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us.

MommaBlackSheep said...

Thanks so much for this - and for BBC! It was a gift to me (from me) and I am so pleased with it - my 5 grandkids will love it!

Revistaiberica said...

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