Putting CJ to work

Putting her to work
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Life over here has gotten crazier. You probably can tell by now that every time I am quiet, things are blowing up one way or another. My twitter feed certainly can tell you most of the details. Nothing too unusual, just typical life with a toddler. She gets sick, gets us sick, picks up a new cold and repeats the cycle.

Work wise I am swamped too. Which is a fantastically fabulous thing of beauty. Besides that I love my job (well, both of them- mom and designer), we can use the money. The house in Cincy still has not sold even though the price is so low we will be bringing money to the table. (yes, silly low- we are priced the same as the fixer-uppers in the neighborhood and ours is move in- we want to sell that bad. You can see my twitter or facebook for more details.)

Anyway, work is great. I got 7 projects on my table this month, plus a new new book I am working on the preliminary details, and a super secret other huge project too. So A LOT going on. I would say my only complaint is that I wish I had my office set up, since every time I need anything (like paper or tape or a hook) I am digging through box after box trying to find it. I keep telling myself that my Hanukkah/ Christmas present to myself will be taking a few days off and setting up up here; but we will see how that goes.

I do have a couple of new designs that are popping up here and there. I will try to make time soon to talk a bit about them, because I adore them.

Ok, back to work and to see what babe has gotten herself into now!

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Ruth said...

She is a "helper"! I can see that.
We have a 19 month old toddler, and it's amazing just how much trouble she can get into. But soooo cute!