Summer Sneak Peeks

So in the middle of our huge life changes, I was working on two big projects- big surprise.

These are for summer and fall publications. The tan one is made with Rowan Purelife, the recycled cotton/silk yarn, that I really enjoyed. The stitch definition was great for a tweed yarn. The border at the collar and bottom band are wide and really look great. They took forever to crochet compared to the lacy shell pattern on the body. I really love the final look of the project, it is really polished and not one bit homemade-ish.

The white one is made from yak. It was really fun getting to work with yak. The final project turned out great. It is a combination project, that I can't discuss much until it is published. I can say that it came out beautiful. I got amazing help from Diane. She came to my rescue crocheting the body of the project in a week. She is amazing!

I finally got these projects out the door and written last week, so now I am concentrating the next projects on the to do list. I have, of course, scheduled 5 projects for this month before we decided to move. I will be working fulltime to the end of the month then not taking on any new work til we get to Pittsburgh. That is just crazy to think in a few short weeks we all will be living in a different city and state.


Anonymous said...

that tan one looks yummy! I can't wait to see the finished projects.

Mary Sarah said...

These look great! Can't wait to see the full pictures!