on the work table

on the work table
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On the work table today is some lovely yarn to swatch. I am working on some ideas for new projects. I let CJ play with the hanks while I wound these into balls. Her favorites are the ones with Merino Wool in them, just like me! How funny.

While winding the hanks, I was smiling to myself at how pleased I am for Marly and her new job. She is the new creative director for Bijou Basin Yarns. I think she is going to be fantastic at this. She has a knack for picking out projects that become huge. And speaking of huge, I have also really enjoyed watching Bijou Basin explode at each TNNA. I am just thrilled for everyone involved.

Which lead me to think about my dream job, which I do not think I have shared before with you. I do enjoy being a designer and book author, I love the creativity I get to share. And I know I would love being a craft book editor, getting to work closely with other authors to make their work look amazing. But my true dream job is to be a creative director for a yarn company. To get to work with other designers and design myself, would be a blast. I think concentrating on one line of yarn, and promoting it to the best of its potential would be a fun challenge. Researching the latest trends in fashion, home decor, and colors and interpreting them for each new season. I mean how fun, right?

So you can see why I am just so thrilled for Marly. I think her getting to work so closely with Bijou Basin will be tremendous for both of them.

As for me, I am a believer that dreams are totally attainable, if you put your whole heart and soul into it. That is why I am just tickled to watch my friends succeed in the industry. It just makes me smile.

Ok, enough typing my hands are itching to crochet!


Unknown said...

You made me cry...Thank you so much!!!


Molly said...

Just a quick note to tell you I have awarded your blog the Sunshine Award. So come by my blog to pick up the button. Congrats!