Sneak Preview: New Book 1

I am in the home stretch of meeting my first milestone deadline for the new book next week. So I thought it would be appropriate to start a parade of sneak previews. I am going to shoot for one each day, we'll see if I can keep up with that pace. *

The first sneak peek is a granny square/ stitch pattern project combo. Meaning that I am combining techniques. The new book will give projects that start to expand what you can do with symbols in crochet. It may sound like the projects are going to be much more difficult, but actually I think most of them will be easier skill wise. This one is made from Naturally Caron Spa, a really nice yarn to crochet with. (I have a secret hope that they will continue to add colors to this line, because I enjoyed working with it.) My cousin helped me crochet the project and in perfect time too. Only about 2 weeks after she gave it to me, she went into labor early. (I'm hoping it is not a trend!)

*Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I am having the "fun" pregnancy symptom of carpal tunnel in my hands for the past few weeks. It certainly has slowed me down considerably. Typing, sewing, crocheting are not the best things to do right now; but a deadline is a deadline. Plus, it's not like once CJ comes it will get any easier. So I am plugging along as best as I can. Hoping that I can finish half the book before she decides to arrive.*


Jocelyn Sass said...

Here's hoping that you meet your deadline! Good luck!

Banana Moon Studio said...

I love that line of yarns too!

Crafty Christina said...

The sneak peek looks great! I hope the carpel tunnel feels better soon. I started the Stellar Motif Tunic and its coming along great so far. I'm usually very nervous to try motifs, but the pattern is so well written that I'm having no problems. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love all of your ideas.So fresh,and the use of different motifs makes the items really interesting!