Knit and Crochet Today Clip

Here's a clip of Brett and I talking about crocheted ribbing and extended single crochet stitches taken directly from Knit and Crochet Today. Oh, and I just found another where we are talking about stitch diagrams.

KCT is working hard to get new underwriters to film Season 3. They are also taking donations. Candi (the producer) really wants to make the show a people's show. So if you have an extra few dollars, they could use them as well as any suggestions for the show.


Amy said...

Robyn, you are adorable! Love this tutorial and especially the diagram one. I bought Blueprint Crochet, but don't know how to read a diagram yet, so hopefully I can give it a try now.

jada said...

I love that show. I know the clips you are speaking of.

It makes me sad to think that show might not have the funds it needs for another season. :-( I pray it makes all it needs to make to continue.

Thata said...

Hi Robyn,

Thank you so much. I live far away hope your book could available online :)