Sublime Sneak Preview

Sublime Sneak Preview
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Sometimes projects go completely as planned. The design works, the crochet goes smoothly, the finishing is easy....

Or you have my next 2 sneak peeks.

This one was for a Fall magazine. Ginny crocheted it months ago. And did a great job letting me know that we probably would run out of yarn. I mean she did such a great job, that I could let the publisher know a month ahead of the deadline that we were running out of yarn. (Let's make that a bit clearer: most times I only have 6-8weeks to design and crochet a project. I try to jump on the design as fast as possible to give my crocheters (or me) a month to crochet. I include a week of time with me at the end for the fussy finishing, and another 4 days or so for shipping. So when I say that Ginny let me know early- I mean she was a speed demon and whipped through this so fast!) It really was incredible, especially b/c it looked great too.

Well, as in most good plans.... The yarn manufacturer had some kind of communication breakdown and I did not see the yarn for 2 months. And guess how much more I needed - 1/2 a ball. Man, that annoys me. Nothing worse then having everything finished but this tiny amount. So I am not sure which issue it will get moved into, but I will certainly let you know when I do.

The project is made with a cashmere merino wool blend in Aran weight. (did you drop over? I know me- using something heavier then DK- crazy!) It is fast crochet because of the yarn (and because the yarn is heavenly too) as well as the pattern being pretty straightforward. Not too many twists in this one.

I'll let you know more specifics about the project when I can. Just so happy to have this off my to do list and out of the office!


jada said...

What an amazing process. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. I can't wait to see your finished projects.

My daughter is doing her first garment and i will post it at Ravelry when she is done. (the Maggie Wrap) She is so excited to finally be able to follow a pattern.

jada said...

Maybe you could help us out. On a crochet list I am on, we are having a discussion about the designing process and yarns chosen for patterns. How do you choose the yarn? Do yarn companies donate yarn, do you ask for it, do they pay you to use their yarn for advertising? Maybe these are trade secrets???:-/

Some patterns are in such expensive yarns that a person would spend way more on a project than is feesible. Are we intended to just admire the project and come up with an alternative yarn? For instance, there is a coat in a magazine that uses a yarn that is $9.96 per skein. It would take $250 of yarn for that coat/sweater. !!! wowzers.

Please shed some light on this to some poor non-designer crocheters.

Robyn said...

Good Question! I'll have to blog about that. I'll try to post tonight or tomorrow.

jada said...

oh goody! thank you so much...i appreciate it.