Interweave's Hurt Book Sale

It doesn't happen too often, so when Interweave has their Hurt Book Sale I don't mosey I gallup over!

The savings are incredible on books. Especially if you don't mind if they are nicked or otherwise slightly damaged. Last time they had the sale, I went a bit nuts and ordered like 6 books. And not one was damaged, so you never know. But who cares if they are nicked, when they are so cheap!

For Example, you can get Blueprint Crochet for 50% of the cover price! (Yes, that's cheaper then amazon!)

Here are the listing of the crochet titles in the sale. I for one, am using some of the pattern sales to get a new harmony guide. Mine is so marked up and highlighted, that for 10$ it is totally worth it to get an updated copy.

My other obsession are the Weldon's Practical Needlework Volumes. I love old needlework magazines, and add that these were originally published in the Victorian era, I'm hooked. IW has re-printed the volumes, and put them in a nice hard cover. I limit myself to one each sale, but I could easily go crazy. Granted if I did that I would never get my new book written, I'd be reading and checking out these all the time. You never know what old doily or crochet edging is going to inspire you, when you open the cover.

Hope you find some treasures yourself!


jada said...

I went to their website to check it out. I got 4 books in the cart and then decided to take one off. I kept on clicking it every time and could not get it to delete. I tried it every which way. It also refreshed the page every time i went to add a piece of the billing information. I created an account and it would not take the name and password when i tried to sign in. So, i made a new password.

Finally at check out and the credit card info is not there. ugh. so now i have wasted about 20 minutes of my life.

I clicked open an amazon window just to compare and my order at amazon was $40.71 and my total at interweave was 40.06. I would gladly pay the extra money to not be as frustrated as i am.

I have never ordered from their website before and can just assume there are normally not so many issues with ordering??? maybe there is just an influx and the website cannot keep up.

I am just going to order from Amazon, as i know i can trust them. ugh. Hope no one else is having as much trouble as i had.

jada said...

edit: the price difference is much greater before the shipping is added at the interweave site but the shipping was over $10 and the shipping at amazon was free. (sorry for not making that clear in my original post)

Robyn said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, Jada. I'm sure it will be helpful for others.

I have bought a bunch of books from IW, and not had a problem at all. But its always good to hear others experiences, too!


jada said...

Just got my "Crochet Stitch Motifs" and it so totally rocks! It is such an amazing book!

Bean said...

Oh sorry you had such trouble Jada...I, however, am stoked to get my order. My husband always knows there is trouble when I "OH!" as I read a blog. Lucky for me he finished me order and added a 2-year to Interweave Crochet! Now you know why I love him :-)