KCT Giveaway Explosion!

You guys are the best! I received a ton of emails, PMs, and comments, that I think we have enough material for 2 seasons. Honestly, I received over 50 different episode ideas. How cool! And I can tell you first hand, that Brett and Candi were blown away! So can almost bet you that you might see your idea on the screen.

I know you are wondering about what some of the ideas were and who is the big winner. I'll start with the winner.

Winning Entry

I chose this entry since it was so informative and creative. You can really tell they thought out an entire episode top to bottom, which I think is great. Here's what they had to say:
"Now, with summer just around the corner, I would love to see some lighter weight, more tropical things done in interesting ribbon-like or combo yarns...cotton, bamboo, paper. How about a long open weave bathing suit cover-up (emphasis on sizing the pattern) with a coordinate crochet beach bag and then little crochet tie on flowers for flip-flops. I almost forgot the coordinating super big floppy beach hat trimmed in crochet flowers with tie on strap so it won't blow away. This could even be shown as mother & daughter.....so woman and child size patterns. I can tell you we would love to win the DVDs of the show. Then maybe one day we will know what we are doing since right now we are walking around in the dark looking for the . Thanks for listening"-- Marcia. Congratulations, Marcia! I'll be emailing you today.

Favorite Technique Entry
This was actually brought up by a couple of readers. How to finish a project to make it look sensational. I love this! My whole "Crochet Like a Pro" class is all about just this topic. There are so many great finishing techniques that I would want to watch a show on it too.

Favorite Project Entry
Again, this was mentioned by a number of readers. Projects with unusual materials, like plastic tape, strap fabric, wire, rope, recycled plastic bags, etc. I love creating with what I have in the house, and a show like this would be so much fun!

Favorite Interview Entry
"And what if, instead of interviewing well-known people (who are very interesting in and of themselves), you could feature some up-and-coming designers? There are so many great people on ravelry who design amazing things, and I'm sure most of them would be modest - but I always love the features on etsy that tell you how they began, how they learned what to do... etc." -- Jenny. I couldn't agree more!

Favorite Overall Episode Entry
"I'd like to see more history of crochet and knitting. Like exploring the development of techniques and their relationships to the region it originated in (ie: crocheting vs. tatting lace, Irish crochet, hairpin, tunisian). Another history thing that comes to mind is the history/origination of the crochet vs. knit snobbiness." -- Robyn. I'm a huge history buff and I'd love to watch this episode as well.

Thank you all so much for all your ideas. We all truly appreciate your comments and thanks for watching!


Unknown said...

Yay, favorite interview entry :D I'm honored, haha. How exciting?!

Caleb said...

I LOVE the Show!Actually a couple of weeks ago I e-mailed Candi and asked about a 3rd season! It looks like it is going to happen. She said the new season would air probably sometime in October! Yeah!!! Woohooo!!!!!