Wrapping Up Another

Last week I finished another design for CBF that is off with my talented crocheter, Diane. It is another project that uses Sheep Shop Sheep 3 yarn (why yes, I do like their yarn- how could you tell?).

This time it was going to be a simple wrap. I was thinking just a rectangular shawl with a pretty stitch pattern; but you know me I can't make anything simple. While unpacking and repacking the boxes of projects from Blueprint Crochet, I kept trying on Isabella and thinking about my latest design. I just adore the way Isabella wraps around you and ties in the back. I am never good at wearing shawls, but this one was easy since it ties. But I knew to translate that to my new design was not going to be easy. See, I had the stitch pattern all picked out and I loved it; but it is not that simple of a trick to make the crescent moon shape schematic (that Isabella is).

So I bit the bullet, and decided heck this design was worth it; and started pouring over the stitch pattern to get it to ease into the crescent moon shaping. I ended up making a really large swatch and am very pleased at how it curves. The down side is that I changed the 4 row repeat pattern into a 6 row repeat pattern; but I think you will all forgive me.

The shawl colors are not shown in the swatch to the right. The actual colors are a pale pink main color with an olive border. It is super feminine and I can't wait to show it to you. I'm thinking early November it will be ready for release, just in time in case you need a shawl for holiday parties.

Ok, now I'm really going back to work!


Anonymous said...

I bought my copy of Blue Print Crochet last night at my LYS. After following your blog and your published designs, it's exciting to see your book, and it looks great. Congratulations!

ROXY said...

I've been meaning to pick that book up. It seems to have a lot of cool patterns in it. Love that wrap sweater!

YarnThing said...

TOO funny, I just used that same border for one of my swatches I sent to a magazine! LOL You know what they say about great minds ;-)