Cozy-ing Up Again

In the midst of traveling and not having power the last few days, I have gotten to finish another 2 sock samples for my Cozy from the Toe Up Class (and subsequent pattern- once I get a minute to write it down- probably by Mid Oct it will be out for sale).

The first version is a cluster lace pattern, that is not too lacy or chunky. To me it looks a bit textured, which I am happy with. I used Tofusies for this version. It was fun to see my family's reaction to crocheting with shrimp and crab. (that alone was worth crocheting with it!) The other nice thing with Tofusies is that you can get a pair of socks out of the ball. Most sock yarn you have to buy 2 hanks to crochet a pair, but with this brand you can do it in one ball. That's nice. BTW, I am not usually a fan of variegated yarn; but I found this colorway to be very springy and wonderfully girly. (Thanks SWTC!)

The second version is a textured unisex (even though I made mine pink) sock. I see it as a woodsy- sitting by the fire- kind of sock. I used Maizy by Crystal Palace for this version. I very nice substitute for those with wool allergies. It's a corn nylon blend that give a nice elastic feel that a wool would give.

I'm finishing up the week crocheting a bunch of mini samples for my class in Denver next friday. (Man, I can't believe I'll be in Denver in a week! Woohoo!) And writing up the class outline. As soon as I finish this class, I'm going to be cleaning up my outlines for the other 3 classes I'm teaching in Denver; packing up all the class materials, packing all the book tour projects and books, then falling exhausted into a plane. But once the crazy is over, I'll finish up the sock pattern and have it for all of you. Those in Denver taking my class, you guys, will get the first copies of the pattern- so I hope you'll go easy on me!

Back to work! Oh wait- I have one more design I want to show off- be back in a flash with another post!


Anonymous said...

I just made my first pair of crocheted socks and they were so much fun. I'm looking forward to the next pair, so thanks for the tofootsies reccomendation (i'm a little scared about the lack of polyamide/nylon, but i'll take your word for it). I'll watch out for the pattern, too!

ROXY said...

ooh those socks look so cozy!! I haven't tried a pair of socks yet, but am eager to do so.