Where am I?

Good Question!

I'm here, just working. I had to put some overtime in this week and next week at my engineering job, so not much crocheting has been going on.

If you were trying to get a hold of me this week, I apologize if I am a bit slow in responding. I'm not ignoring you I promise!

Even though we are super busy here, my boss took the entire office (plus spouses and kids) to the Reds' Business Day Special. Reason's I love my boss:
1. Doesn't freak out about how busy we are, and is happy to do outings like these all the time.
2. Buys me Soft Pretzels and Hot Dogs at the game (soda, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, etc for the kids- you know to get them all cranked up!)
3. Is totally interested in what I am crocheting now.

Ok Gloat over. I am just super happy that yesterday I got to spend the day crocheting outside in our beautiful weather, eating to my hearts delight. That crocheting was about all I have done this week. I did get to test out 2 yarns a bit while commuting, but other then that not much. I do have a number of assignments on deck, so I promise more crochet content soon!

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