Nothing makes me smile bigger...

While surfing my google reader this morning, I stopped in my tracks at this picture. I thought, hmm, that looks like my Crossover Top from Crochet Today. Then I got a huge smile on my face, when I looked up and noticed who's blog it was.

Lisa! Lisa is one of my oldest friends (we went to college together and funny enough grew up in the same hometown- but didn't meet until college), and without me knowing, has crocheted not one but 2 of my designs and blogged about them. I didn't even tell her to do that. She just likes me. (Big Smile) Funny, when your friends surprise the bigeebees out of you.

As a designer, you work in a very isolated world and you never really know if your design is going to be the one that a crocheter is going to spend the time making. I get tickled pink every time someone tells me they are making one of my designs. I can not tell you what a great feeling that is. So for all of you out there (that I didn't pay to like me ;) ), thank you! I am just tickled pink this morning, with a huge grin!

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Rebecca said...

you crack me up! no reason for surprise... it's a beautiful top!! if my 'girls' weren't so... well, giant, i'd be making one, too!