My Cardi
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Comfy Cardi from Crochet Me

Designed by me
Tweaked by me for me

Started in January, finished lace in a few days, put it down for a long while, then finally finished the ribbing the last few days. Would have finished earlier, but it rained during almost the entire Reds Game, and I just could bear getting it even a little wet. I'm really happy with how it came out. As you know, I made the large size in the chest and small size in the arms. Plus I shortened it to elbow length. All the details of that are here. Pretty amazed that I finally have something for me! Can't wait to wear it, too bad it was 70 here today.

Yarn: elann.com, Pure Alpaca Fina, 5 skeins

Hook: F Clover Hook

Notions: Large Mission Falls Button


YarnThing said...

That looks GREAT on you!

Good Job!!!


Gina said...

I love it. It does look great on you. Great color.

Rina said...

I totally agree, it looks great on you. I was happy to see that you did it using Alpaca Fina. I have a whole batch and am so glad to find a use for it.