What are you doing in a few weekends?

So what are you up to on Feb 9th and 10th?

Nothing, you say?

Then why not head over to the Knitting and Crochet Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.
Its being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is right across from South Hills Village Mall. (And funny enough, only 5 mins from my in-laws. Got to love how that works out! I'll get to play with yarn and visit family- too neat.)

So what are they going to have there, you ask? Well, besides a ton of yarn there will be classes and lectures. The classes are super reasonably priced. (Actually, most of them are half of what I have seen them go for at other festivals and conventions.) Annie Modesitt will be there teaching her fantastic classes, if you can still get in- (I totally recommend signing up. Her classes are the best. You learn a ton and have fun.)

And there will be ME!

I'm teaching a class and doing a lecture. Both I am super excited about!

The lecture is "How I joined the "In Crowd" " on Saturday afternoon from 3:30 on. Its free with the price of admission. I'll be chatting about my journey from hobby crocheter to professional crochet designer, teacher, and author. I'll be giving tips on how to get a great idea published, how to put together a professional proposal, and steps to getting you in the "In Crowd." Basically, this lecture is for anyone, knitter or crocheter, that is interested in a backstage look at how the yarn industry works. Please bring questions, I love them! I'll be doing a book signing after the lecture, so bring your copy or get one there. Either way, come say hi! I'd love to meet you!

The class is "Beyond the Afghan" on Sunday morning from 9-12. In that 3 hour period, I'm going to pack in as much as I can on how much I LOVE granny squares. We are going to be learning about symbol crochet and why I think they are awesome, how to play with blocks and turn them into a garment, and explore our creativity on granny squares. We'll be playing with joining techniques and finishing techniques to turn your ho-hum project into a wow-wow project. The class is 20$. You'll need to bring 2 granny squares any size any pattern, they just need to be the same. Bring extra yarn and hooks, and your creativity!

And if you can't make it to class or to the lecture, come say hi sometime during the festival. I'll be roaming the exhibitors as well, looking and playing with fun yarn.

All the directions and info is on the site if you are interested. I hope to see you there!


DesiLoop said...

Since I read your post I have been all excited about going especially because it is so near (I am in NJ). I wish I had someone to go with. I have emailed DH but I am not sure if he would be thrilled. I am so new here I am not sure I will be able to make it there alone.


Unknown said...

Oh boy. I am so frustrated that we live literally halfway around the world - in Hong Kong. Otherwise, I'd be there. We used to live in New York, so it would have been possible. I'm sure I'd learn a lot.


Brett Bara said...

My mom is going to the show and she's taking YOUR class! I know she will love it, can't wait to hear what she learns! Wish I could go too, but I'm too far away. :(

Annette said...

I'd LOVE to hear your lecture!

Pam said...

Yeah for you! You'll be excellent and I bet inspire others with your wit and charm!

naomi said...

I just checked and the class is full !! I'm soo glad I get to be one of the lucky ones that will be there !!

Robyn said...


That's so awesome that its full! I can't wait!

Unknown said...

I went to the class & had a GREAT time! Hi Robyn! :) It was so much fun & I'm sure that my family is going to get tired of me soon as it's about all I'm talking about! LOL! Robyn, you mentioned a book that's coming out in October (I think). Can you post the name of it so that I can tell my friends about it? I have a friend that was supposed to go to the festival with me but unfortunately she couldn't make it. I'm hoping that she can go next year & that you will be teaching a class again.
Thanks for a wonderful time!
Michele :)

Robyn said...

Hi Michelle,

I'm thrilled that you had a good time! So did I.

The name of my book is still a secret on the blog. Sorry! I'll announce it soon, I promise.


Unknown said...

Okay Robyn, I understand. You can bet that I'll be checking your blog
regularly to get the information! :) I can think of a few friends that
would love your patterns!
Thanks again for a great class!
Michele :)

naomi said...

The class was wonderful !! I learned so much and the time just flew by.
Thanks Robin, I can't wait for next year and another of your classes.
The book is already on my birthday list ;). I'm really excited about it !

naomi said...

Oops, I really do know how to spell your name Robyn, sorry.