Finding Time to Craft

How do you fit in time to craft?

A little while back I was contacted about how I find time in my day to craft, since I do have 2 full-time jobs and all. This is one of my ongoing triumphs/ struggles (depending on the day). My initial answer is that I crochet all the time. Meaning I crochet whenever I am running errands or waiting in line. I crochet at the doctors office, in long grocery lines, even while christmas shopping. Now it may seem like I'm obsessed; but in reality it has made me such a nicer person.

See originally I am from Allentown, PA (that's north of Philly); and then we lived in DC for quite a few years; so you can definitely say I am an Eastern. Moving to the Midwest a few years ago, I immediately learned that we are a bit rude by nature. Over here people don't interrupt others while they are talking (that's a big on for me- I over talk over everyone) and people are generally patient (they don't get livid - like I tend to- while waiting for anything). On that last one, crochet is a savior. I no longer care so much if the woman in front of me in line has a 15 min conversation with the cashier- b/c I have my crochet and am no longer "wasting" time waiting for them to end it. So not only have I learned patience, but I kinda enjoy those unexpected time delays so I can crochet a little.

But that's me. How about some other super crafty ladies? Check out the full article at lifetime.

So what do you think? How do you find time to craft?


Deneen said...

Since I am from the Northeast, I am the impatient on behind the person talking to the cashier-if I ever get your way, you will recognize me (LOL). I overtalk everyone too, but we all do here.

Time to crochet, do my other crafty stuff.....well, I clean my house, but it's not perfect-Martha Stewart does not live here and if she did, she would have a conniption.

I generally get done what I have to on the days I am not working, play a little, put it away and at night play a little more.

I found if I take it with me to the doctor's, I have no wait-if I don't take it, I wait forever. I do take it along with me on any vacations, kids birthday parties that aren't held in a kids home, but at an outside venue, any meeting I may have (like community organizations and such). I make time because it's important to my sanity.

Zarah said...

Learning to crochet (rather, getting addicted to the art) turned me into a girly-girl. I never used to carry a purse, just my wallet or whatever else I could fit in a pocket. When I got cro-dicted I went out and bought a purse just so I'd have enough room to carry around a small project. Then it got so the purse wasn't big enough, and I switched to a tote bag. It's awful. I love it.

Like you, I crochet everywhere. I don't drive, so I'm usually being chauffered around by my wife or my mother, and I crochet in the car. When I'm at work, I do it on my 2 15-minute breaks and my lunch "hour." Sometimes, if I'm working on something fabulous or so close to being done I can't stand it, I'll skip eating lunch so I don't waste those precious 10 minutes that it takes to go up to the cafe and grab something. Even when I do get something to eat, the eating part is usually done once I'm back on the clock.

In the evenings I'm usually scheduled to host online gaming tournaments, which is a lot of hurry-up-and-wait, so I multi-task then too. I'll even "forget" to start my laundry earlier in the evening so that I have to stay up an extra half hour to rotate it, and use that half-hour to crochet.

I've even been known to pull it out at a restaurant while waiting for my meal. And it's always out at family gatherings while we're all sitting around relaxing.

I'm with Deneen - it's about sanity. What might look insane and obsessive to others is actually what keeps me held together most of the time.

Breath of Light said...

Most of my crochet is done late at night after my son is asleep. On the weekends I get a couple of rows done between cleaning and errands. Anytime I go visit friends and family I bring my yarn and hooks along.

I find myself crocheting anytime I get worked up. So it helps my sanity too. If my Kingman and I get in an arguement you can usually find me curled up crocheting my latest masterpiece to calm my nerves. lol

Unknown said...

This one is a real challenge for me. I love to crochet, but I have three kids, and often have to battle feeling guilty if I crochet - because there is ALWAYS something urgent I need to do. But I figure, if I wait for the "perfect" time go persue my craft, I'll be waiting for years. So I just pick up whatever I'm working on whenever there is a little bit of time. A couple of weeks ago I got a lot done on a sweater from "Everyday Crochet" while watching my three year old at an indoor playground (pretty safe, since it was an enclosed space).

I tend to stay up too late at night working - but it is so much fun. Sometimes I give myself fifteen minute breaks in the day to work, and then put it down. If I can just improve my skills a little bit at a time, over time that will add up to a lot. Also, I leave my current project on top of my dresser, with the hook inserted. That way it is easy to grab quickly, and I don't have to futz around with assembling yarn, hooks, etc.

It feels nice to be learning something new in whatever time I can steal.

Deanna Barrett said...

I crochet while I'm watching TV at night. Well... listening to TV. It's sort of like listening to the radio, only sometimes I get a split second to look up. My goal in life is to learn how to crochet without looking at it.

My brother said it would be funny to put a video on YouTube of me crocheting and reading at the same time... hopefully someday I'll be able to.