Interweave Crochet Winter 2007

If you haven't done so already, head over to Interweave Crochet to check out the winter preview. Some really pretty projects, huh? There are a number that I would make if I had time. Some of my favorites are the Frosted Plum Pullover, Schoolmarm Vest, and Fuchsia and Blues Jacket; and that's even before seeing the magazine in person.
My project this time was sweaters for the men in your life. Its the same sweater sized from 4yrs to XXL adult male. It was a really relaxing project to crochet, since it was so simple. But I already prattled on about that this summer when I showed off the sneak peek. Both yarns are from Tahki Yarns. The mens is New Tweed which is a worsted weight yarn. The boys is Filatura Di Crosa Zarina Baby which is so comfy when crocheted its almost like a sweatshirt.

I had the mister model the mens version for me before we shipped it out. I got the thumbs up from him, so I knew I did well. (He can be a tough customer.) The whole idea behind the sweaters was a garment that you could throw on to play outside, whether that's football or hiking. I wanted something simple and wearable. (And yes, that is where the names came from- animals that you could see hiking in PA)
How cute is this kid? I am the most proud of this version. I got two amazingly lovely emails, one from Julie my tech editor and one from Rebecca my crocheter, who both modeled the sweater on their boys and sent me pictures. I was thrilled when they both said it would pass their kids test. So I can say for sure that this one is mother approved. (Oh and little side note, please measure your kids arms before making. The arms seem a little short to me on this cutie, but I know it fit perfectly on the other boys. And since there is not such thing in my book as a typical size for kids since they grow so fast, just make sure you know there measurements before starting.)


X said...

OOOOH! These look great -- very versatile. I think they will appeal to a wide audience.

Pam said...

Love your sweater designs!

Gina said...

I really like the sweaters. It's finally nice to see something crocheted for our male counterparts. I actually might attempt this as my first wearable. Great job!

Kellycat said...

Lots of people are commenting on Ravelry that they are going to make these sweaters! They look for anyone in different colors. I liked the interview you gave yourself. :)

Robyn said...

Thank you guys!

And thanks for the heads up on Ravelry, Kelly!