Weekend Re-cap

Before And After: Foyer
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What I should have been doing was finishing my manuscript or finishing a new pattern I have been working on or finishing a new sweater I am crocheting, or swatching for a new proposal I am working on, what I did instead was paint. And paint and paint for two days straight.

Our hallway, stairs, and foyer was this hideous yellow and burnt orange stain color with gray-brown ceiling. Incredibly depressing colors (kinda hard to tell in the photos) SO I decided to cheer things up a bit. All I can say is that I must have been channeling "Pushing Daisies" or another bold set design color; b/c the house is very vibrant now. In some lights it looks mint chocolate chip green, in others, its aqua, and in others it's baby blue. I was going for smoky blue, so oops. Guess it shows that you can't always trust the "color to go" samples (you know the ones that you can paint on your wall at home- its in my before photo), and that I should not be allowed to venture into a paint store alone. Either way, it certainly makes me chuckle every time I walk by (and because its almost half the house- I'm cracking up all the time). Its definitely more fun then the mucky yellow. Here's two other views, the hallway and the coat hooks.


Courtney said...

I love the new colors! WOW, you were busy.

Mary Sarah said...

I like the new color! I don't like yellow/orange/gold so I know what you mean. You got a lot of work done!!! Way cool!

Kellycat said...

Unfortunately I go for the yellow tones everytime, to go along with the wood. I do like that you ventured out into the unknown :). It is much cheerier!

Thanks for sharing!

Cecily said...

Pushing Daisies makes me so happy!

I wish I had the freedom to paint my walls!

Robyn said...

Hee hee. Me too Cecily! I just adore that show.

And yes, courty- you are probably thankful you didn't come visit. Or you would be covered in blue paint like Faye and I.