And the winner is...

(totally picked at random, by putting all the names in a hat, shaking it up, and letting Faye pick one out of the hat. Yes, I have a really nosy puppy)

So Angela, send me an email with your shipping address and I'll get this out to you this week.

I can not thank you all enough for your fantastic and well written responses. You guys really took the time to think about the question and gave me so much good info.

If you are interested, the majority of you would like a book of technical information. Some thing that goes beyond, how to make a stitch; and talks about gauge, drape, yarn choice, how to design, how to change patterns, how to size, and more. Like a crochet bible. I love it. In close second place, was more books on fashion. Fashion that is now, and classic, and definitely wearable. Third place was a tie, between advanced patterns and patterns that will expand your creativity.

So crochet designers, we have our task. Its really clear. Let's give them some of the best books and patterns we can think of. In the meantime, if you want a book today, I would totally recommend looking at Doris's Everyday Crochet and the CrochetMe book. Both give you wearable fashion, that pushes your creativity, and definitely will have tips and tricks to make your next project your very own.

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Angela said...

Whooo-hooo. I can't even remember the last thing I won. I think it might have been a flower pot from a mother-daughter banquet when I was a kid. Looking forward to the book!!

I bought Crochet Me right when it came out (and reviewed it on Amazon). It's one of those rare pattern books that actually has a lot of patterns you'd use and not just tons of scarves. I'm still trying to find just the right yarn for that beautiful kimono-style shirt. So beautiful. :)

On another note, for a technical "bible," I have always wished for very detailed pictoral instructions for crocheting in the round. It's the one thing that comes up again and again on sites like Crochetville. When first learning, it's so hard to figure out where the first stitch goes, where the last stitch goes. Took me FOREVER to learn!! :)