Swatches are cute

The swatch dress
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I am an incredibly visual and hands-on learner. You can tell me directions 10 times, and I still may not get it. But show me what you need, and the light-bulb clicks.

So its no surprise that when I am working out a design, I use all the tools I have to work out the pattern. I sometimes sketch the entire stitch pattern down and draw on it how I want to increase and decrease. Sometimes I make a fabric mockup to work out the schematics on my mannequin, instead of in my head. And most of the time I swatch. I swatch a lot in fact. I try to try out every increase/ decrease/ corner/ edging on a swatch, way before I type it up. Some can think about it in their head, but not me. I have to see it.

Well while working out the latest design, I started to really like my little swatch. It was so cute in hot pink. I started to think about what else I could do with it. Make it into a lampshade? Maybe a sleeve? I ended on making it into a doll's dress. Swatches can be very cute, indeed!

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