New Crochet Today

Have you seen the latest Crochet today?

If you have then you have seen my cute little plaid skirt I did a while ago. I had quite the time coming up with a plaid pattern that I liked. I finally made my architect pick out his favorite, and never looked back.

This cutie is quite easy made with a mix of extended single crochet and regular single crochet in the round. The vertical stripes are made by crocheting slip stitches on top of the fabric once you have finished. The yarn is red heart sport, which you may turn your nose up at, but hey- its a skirt. You can do a lot of wear from normal sitting and walking, so why not use acrylic that you can toss in the wash and can take a beating. But to get it to hang, you have to steam it. But once you do, you will be so rewarded!
I am also so excited, b.c check out the styling of the skirt. Hee, hee- Yeah! For once I got it right, and Suzie Q is very proud to have styled the skirt so well.
Some other great projects from the mag from other designers:
An really pretty art deco blanket, a very stylish mod dress, and an adorable owl toy. I hope I get my copy soon. I can't wait to see what other gems they have for us!


Amie said...

Love the skirt. It looks great! Very cute.

I must say, I like your syling choices better! I don't like the long coat with the skirt. From behind, it probably looks like she's wearing nothing under a trench coat. lol

c-mama said...

Great job on the skirt! Lovely! I agree with amie. I like your styling choices better, as well.

Pam said...

Congrats on another published design! Love your skirt, I used surface crochet to make plaid too, just a little purse but same idea.

BTW I'm so close the bridge in Mpls, we are all just shocked, still.

Stephanie said...

I just picked up the magazine today exactly for those projects you featured. I especially love the skirt and the dress patterns.