On a sunny sunday

On a bright and sunny day in Philly, before my flight back; my awesome little bro took me to his neighborhood to show off. And boy does he have the right to show off. He lives near South Street in Philly. If any of you are familiar, he lives in spitting distance from fabric row (I drooled), all the cheesesteaks you could eat (again drooled), and the most beautiful murals and mosaics ever!

He especially wanted to show me Isaiah Zagar's Mosaic Garden. Mr Zagar single handily transformed the area with his inspiring art all over the neighborhood. I literally stood in the garden mouth opened in pure awe of his talent. Every turn is cooler then the next. Here are some photos on Mosaic Art in South Street Philly.

Well on our way out. Mr Zagar is sitting talking in the entrance. We all stunned that he was there- clearly getting ready to do more work. I like a total dork gushed. I think, "OMG you work is so inspiring....." came out over and over again. I was so pissed we didn't have a camera; even though it would have mortified my brother.

So next time you are in Philly on a bright and sunny sunday- bring your camera.

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