The bridesmaids got style

The bridesmaids got style
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Now that its been a few days and I stopped being all sappy, and since I got so many emails wanting the scoop... yes, the wedding was fantastic. Strike that, it was magical.

My friends getting married are exactly what you like to see at a wedding. A solid couple that really compliments each other and challenges each other to go farther. It was really powerful. So much so, I started crying (happy tears- guess I didn't mention I can be the weepy type) on the plane ride there and didn't stop until the plane ride back. Plus, it was quite the reunion with all my college friends. It was so funny looking around the room thinking, holy cow- I am sitting with all the future talent of the construction industry (my friends have some impressive brains). What was funnier was the catching up with them. You know, the typical, "how's life" or "what have you been up to for the last few years".

Again. Me being me. I don't answer with "good" or "nothing much". I answer, "Life is fantastic! I'm writing a book. Can you believe it a real book, and they are paying me and everything." So the natural next question for most of them is, "a book on what?" Oh yeah- I totally forget. See I didn't crochet in college. Actually I just pretty much studied in college. So having another huge part of my life outside of engineering would be odd for them. But friends are so cool, no matter how long its been you can fall right back, and I think, well, I know. I have converted a few to the dark side of crochet.

And if you live anywhere near Philly, and can throw a huge bash for your wedding. I highly recommend Winterthur Museum. It was so gorgeous, like out of a Martha Stewart catalog. OH, and I am happy to report the little bolero served me very well! (The dress not so much, I still have black and blue marks from the bones in the dress. Oh well)

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