Not a bad birthday I'd say

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I got a super special gift this year. Mark graduated and is on his way converting from a Structural Engineer to Architect. The man is so darn creative and communicative that he is going to make a fabulous project manager. As you can see (that speck is him), he's pretty darn happy too. I was happy, but I still cried through the entire ceremony. I had to pull my crochet out to keep me occupied.

Other then that. We had family in for a great cookout. I got to play dollies with my niece, snuggle with my nephew, and design treehouses with my other nephew. Then on Sunday, mom took us to Eden Park, which is this beautiful rambling park that overlooks the city. It is exactly how I love to spend lazy Sundays walking around. And for a little extra inspiration, we stopped by an exhibit on Couture clothes from Japan. Ah, totally awesome.

It's one fantastic weekend after the next. I am such a lucky girl!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so bad at remembering things like birthdays! But I'm glad you had a good weekend! And congrats to Mr. Crochet by Faye!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Happy Birthday and congrats to Mark!!

Robyn said...


And, no worries Lisa. I'm terrible too at remembering dates.