Needless to say, I have been a bit book obsessed lately.

I am half-way through writing my book proposal and coming up with all the designs. (Which I am so excited about! Each design is a little baby of mine. I tend to want to obsess over every detail of very project, but that just makes me dizzy with plans dancing in my head. So I have to literally stop myself, and say "this is only schematic, there will be time for that later, little girl".) Now I'm on the age old question. Why would a crocheter buy your book? That's a bit hard to answer right, without sounding a bit lame and ego-centric? "Because they want to be nice to me", doesn't sound real compelling.

So I dived into my collection and the collection at the library to see if I they could inspire me, and realized one huge problem of mine. I love books. I totally let myself get lost in their uniqueness and totally forgot why I was doing research in the first place.

I started by raiding the UC DAAP library. (The hubbie is a grad student there and they have a great selection of fashion journals. I might have to keep him in school to get to use the library more. JK honey!)

I found some really neat ideas in some of the books. Granted the books were old and the styles out-dated, but I don't care about that. That gives me a chuckle and I dive in more.

Here are some of my favorites over the past few days:

Shanie Jacobs- Super inspiring designs. She learned to crochet on a commune and applied really neat techniques to clothes that were in fashion at the time. So ok, I would never crochet a leotard like she did. But her idea of the Victorian shirt (left in photo) could totally be valid today.

New Design in Crochet- this one first makes me chuckle, then think "yeah we could do that, if we..."

The Mask- I love, I don't know why- but he makes me chuckle-

The sculptures- we could definitely tweak, and I can see them being very contemporary and maybe even functional.

Luckily, after a very long detour. I did find some inspiration to help me answer my question. I see it as a two parter. The one side I know right away- and its a big secret- really its the whole concept of the book. But the other is my design aesthetics (my fashion and design sense) and that's a lot harder to explain why people would like it (b.c frankly I have no idea if people like my designs). You know? Any ideas for me?


Lauren said...

I love your designs. They always inspire me. You have a wonderful sense of style, shaping and drape. I bought Amy Swenson's book, sight unseen (I never do that), solely so I could get my hands on the Kimono and Pea Coat patterns.

Robyn said...

Thank you Lauren! That is so sweet of you! It mades me smile!

Ginny said...

I could have written Lauren's comment word for word... Your designs show your engineering background (that's a compliment) They are interesting, beautiful, well constructed, and your patterns work. The result is stylish, garments that fit, and that I choose to wear!

Lisa said...

Robyn! I love you and your patterns! (So maybe my opinion of your patterns is a little biased!). But honestly, everything you make is contemporary and classic at the same time. They are all lovely and your passion for crocheting comes through in all of your designs! I think that your book will be a best seller because I'm sure every single project in the book will be something everyone will want to make!!!! People will buy your book because it will be amazing! And then they'll tell they're friends how it's amazing! And I"ll keep telling them to buy it because you really are nice too. And they should be nice to you! ~lisa

Sheila said...

Your book will do so well... your designs are so stylish, contemporary and classic... like the convertible cowl neck sweater... totally gorgeous.