TNNA Wardrobe

Speaking of my upcoming flight to San Diego...

(Which will be the first time I'm in CA, check another state off the map, thank you!)

I am in a total panic on wardrobe.

See TNNA is this magical place, that while you are standing in line for a drink, you can actually make contacts. Not in the cheesy used car salesman way, but in the hey lets chat instead of standing here like doufs because I know we both love fiber in some form. But the key (at least for designers) is to wear your product. Like you are a moving billboard. Makes sense right?

Well this designer is still new at this game. In that I honestly don't have one article of clothes (that I made) I can wear. See everything I crochet is either for a gift or for a publication (which you don't get back-usually). And the ones that I might get back, are not my size, but model size.

What to do? Well last year I wore the Spider Shrug (you remember that one?). Well I wore is so much, that I wore it out. Oops. Guess I should pay more attention to reading the yarn label, and washing it appropriately. Instead of sticking it in the washing machine and dryer on high.

Time for the nasty option two: ask for things back. I know, I know. I am a rotten friend. But luckly, my friends are great! So I have Crystal's Lace bolero to wear. But that's one day, maybe two. need more...

So I had to resort to shopping. I know. The horror. And I am pleased to say that Anthropologie served me well again. I got to pick up this cute crochet number. And even though, I didn't crochet it. At least its something crocheted and not knitted, right? You know I could be making a huge faux pas too. Only time will tell, when I get a ton of disgusted looks, at "No, I didn't crochet this, Anthropologie did. And I love it."

Wish me luck!


Natalie said...

Hi Faye,
I'd love to meet you over at TNNA! CRAFT mag is at booth #2131 so please stop by if you can!

- natalie

Pam said...

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!!!!