Sneak Preview Belated

Here's another installment of what has become my favorite thing to do on Mondays (even though today is Tuesday): Sneak Previews!

I love being able to share a bit of what I am doing. I get so excited to tell you all everything I am up to!

This week is a bit belated, b/c I am suffering from post-holiday craze running into pre-holiday craze. I am sure your industry has this too; but it feels like its literally a disease in the construction field. We actually debate on when to tell our clients we are going to be taking off a few days, b/c they will either stack you up with a 101 extra important things to do before or after you go. Its not exactly fun. And I am convinced its why, we as a group don't get out much.
But anyway, back to the subject at hand.... Crochet!
This cutie has become a favorite. Its for Fall Book B, made out of a wonderful alpaca blend. And I am in love. I really really didn't want to send it in this time. I just want to make it immediately part of my wardrobe. The incredibly talented Chie, helped me with the crocheting. Her work is fantastic. She is so skilled and always makes me smile when I get her work back.
Besides being a favorite of mine. It has reinforced the way I like to "write" patterns. This shouldn't surprise anyone, but I hate writing patterns. See I'm a bit dyslexic, and remembering or even seeing that I missed like a Ch is really really difficult for me. What I love is writing in pictures. Its definitely why I am an engineer. I love diagrams and plans. And this project, is incredibly easier to make if you see it in diagram form, versus the super lengthy written form. Its very similar to how I wrote Crystal Lace Bolero. The pattern becomes much more straightforward, and not so challenging (at least in my mind). So this may not seem like much of a realization to you, but it is to me. And I tend to make it quite an important part of how I design in the coming months.
Now back to my stack of items to answer. Hopefully I will be able to emerge before my flight to San Diego on Thursday!


Amie said...

Robyn, did you receive any of my emails?

Robyn said...

Yes I did and I emailed you back on all of them. Oh No! I hope your email stops being so wacky, soon.

Norah said...

It's gorgeous. I can't wait for the book to come out!

Ginny said...

Wow! You've got me "hooked" on your designs all over again! I can't wait for the books to come out. I love Sneak Peek, but I hate having to wait for the real thing!!